Super Broody: How long before she lays again?

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    I bought a broody hen (I will scream, scratch your eyes out, and beat you over the head broody) today just BECAUSE she's broody. She came with five chicks, about a week old I'd guess, and is now happily sitting on them, my four Welsummers, and my three Sebrights. She has this smug little 'Booya, I got chicks, yes I do' look on her face [​IMG] talk about one pleased little chicken. She'd probably sit on my ducklings if I asked her to.

    How long does it usually take before they lay again? Are Japanese Bantams generally broody birds? I got silkie hens hoping they'd go broody, they ended up being the least broody birds I've ever seen and they don't even lay [​IMG] they're adorable and I think they might be doing some molting, though.

    I'd like to hatch out some chicks or ducklings just for the hell of it. I think I have a terrible case of Chicken Fever XD
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    Quote:Dont quote me but I dont think that she will brood again if she has chicks with her. I have heard that if you take them away from her then she may start laying again in a week or so.

    My Jap hens were super broody. 2 of them built a nest of 20 eggs and brooded and raised the chicks together. It was soooo cute!

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