Super Candler (One Millon Candle Power)

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  1. I found one of these at the Goodwill store "aka used charity store" for 2.00. I was told it didn't have a charger but, it has a 120 Volt wall wart plugin built in the back. It didn't work upon charging so I took it apart and found the switch was bent and repaired.

    Black and Decker SL102B

    I wanted something really bright because my eggs were dark brown and hard to see into

    No name China made cup often at dollar stores or in the patio section of some stores.
    I found this tumbler at the dollar store for 1.00 for 4 of them. The mouth fits over this flashlight exactly. It is a 32 oz cup.
    Duplicolor Black Vinyl Dye (automotive section or car parts store)
    I got a can of black vinyl spray dye from the auto parts store for around 4.00

    Drilled a small hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup.
    3 coats of the black vinyl dye on the inside and out.
    Fit onto your flashlight and your eggs will light up like Christmas tree ornaments.

    One note don't leave the light on more than a few seconds at a time as it may harm your eggs because the light from it does get warm/hot.

    The flashlight is also awesome if you check on your chickies at night and blinding some predators.

    7.00 total: Although the spotlight is around 45.00 new.


    First Egg Photo is with the kitchen light off
    Second Egg Photo is with the kitchen light on
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    HUbby has the same light....wonder if he would notice a cup taped to it [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Oh it's not taped on. It actually fits snug with the kinda grip like black surface around the lens. Won't hurt the light at all. I still use it as a flashlight. Just borrow it when you go candling with your cup. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the idea. I am not a good candler and my eggs are all brown or green. That should help. I'll give it a try with the light I've got around here somewhere.
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    Quote:41 Chickens , 38 eggs in the bator and 30 more eggs on the way?? I just noticed that I believe your siggy has changed??? how did you go from 39 to 41 chickens, and still have 38 in the bator?
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