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    You can build it for even less money. You can get free buckets at a deli or grocery store that has a deli. Just ask. My local supermarket with deli inside has 2 gallon and 4 gallon buckets available.

    You can also build a cheap waterer. Make two or three small holes near the top of the bucket, fill the bucket with water and flip it over into a saucer of some type so the holes will be completely submerged. I hung the pyramid over it to keep them from perching on the bucket and pooping in the water.


    Another feeder idea. It does not last as long as the other but is simple. The plastic is to keep them off the bucket. I've also seen people use this design as a waterer.

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    I love that first posts feeder! I have buckets already so I just have to get one of those trays. I was going to use a plastic oil collection pan, but I don't think it gives enough room around for them to eat good [about 1" is all they will have for their heads.]
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