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    Ok so last night I candled my mutt eggs from my own chickens I have incubating. They were at day 10 and I could see the little guys moving! When I candled a few days ago I saw the dark spot with blood vessels. Oh my have they grown! It's my very first attempt at incubating so I'm crazy excited. Eleven eggs out of fourteen are fertile and growing! How addicting! I want another incubator for hatching so I can keep incubating other eggs! Maybe if I can find a good buy on one I'll do just that! I'm nervous about the hatching part. Any and all tips would be appreciated!

    On another note I went to our local Cattle Sale (it's a flea market where people sell yard sale items and a few people have farm animals) and got a trio of BEAUTIFUL Silkies! Just what I wanted! And their chicken coop will be completed (hopefully) tomorrow!!! I'm going to post pics of them on the breed and genetics forum to see if someone can help identify color and all that!
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    Yay! Hope everything works out for you. [​IMG] Your new silkies will probably end up being the best incubator you can get though. [​IMG] Oh, and [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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