super easy quail coop ideas please!


6 Years
Jul 19, 2014
SF bay area CA
Hi, I wanted to build a quail coop with my dad that holds maybe 5-10 adult coturnix quails. Since he doesn't always have a lot of free time I wanted to find a coop that would maybe take a day or two to build. Its really hard to find one on the coops section cuz they are all for chickens and very elaborate. I'd be happy if you guys could posts some pics of easy coops. Thank you!
I don't have any quails but I see no one has responded yet so here is my response :)
in my copy of Story's Guide to Poultry it says that it is very easy to build a coop for them but I don't think it goes into much detail. It does say that for people who are unable to build a coop they can purchase a rabbit hutch from a farm supply store and they may need to modify the door to make it more quail friendly. Perhaps you can search the web for rabbit hutch building instructions. find a nice simple one and make sure the door will work well for quails?

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