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  1. My silver pied peahen is being shipped tonight and I should get her in tomorrow around lunch time. She's 5 years old and she cost me a real shinny penny. She was $175 for the bird and the cost of shipping was at $95.00 so that rings up to a grand total of $269.75! Lions And Tigers And Bears Oh My. I plan to pair her up with my 4 year old white peacock so that way I'll get 50% silver pied and 50% white. I'll add some pics tomorrow when she arrives. [​IMG] Will The Fever Ever End? The Pea-Fever That Is![​IMG][​IMG]
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    I REALLY want a silver pied peacock. I have a beautiful quad of pure whites and would like to replace the white cock with a silver pied.

    Quote:I dont think so..... [​IMG]
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    Cool!!!! looking forward to seeing pics! I'm going to take some pics of my new males if the sun ever comes out and stays out long enough! I absolutely LOVE my silver pied male! and my bronze!
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    Andy...depend on what your white is get silver pied you need white eye gene also. For all the pied to be silver pied he would have to be carring white eye gene. If he is not , you will get whites, and pieds.
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    Quote:I dont think so..... [​IMG]

    Agree, seems like they just get more interesting. Love my group of silver pied, 1 cock, 2 SP girls and 1 Opal SP girl. The SP girls are some of the prettiest.[​IMG]

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