super proud of myself...


8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
north central KY
Yesterday was my second time processing and it went well. My first time was a nasty rooster, I botched my first cut and it took two hours. I had my husband and neighbor there for moral support and a second hand if I needed it. Yesterday I was home alone and I had two that I felt needed to go (a young cockerel who already was showing aggression and another cockerel with a severe cross beak I felt was affecting his ability to eat to the point of cruelty if I allowed it to continue). Start to finish on those two took and hour and a half, still a long time, but I feel I will get faster as I go along. I'm proud because after my first attempt I was unsure if I could ever do it again especially alone... My hobby and goal of self sustainability is slowly coming to be. I'm proud. I did it and next month I will do it again on a larger scale.
good job! My hope is that it gets a little easier each time. I'm finishing off my last few meaties this morning.

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