Super puffy chest


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Hello...I have a little chick...she is about..6 weeks old..Not sure what she is...possibly part she has one foot with 5 toes
anyways I really noticed yesterday that her chest seems really distended...really didn't notice anything noticable before yesterday...she is eating fine..dosent seem bothered by it..but I don't know weather to be concerned...I am new to chickens..but love my little..flock...we have just begun to get some eggs which is exciting...maybe she seems a bit unsteady...
could it be her we don't know what she is...or should we be concerned...

Hello Knock Kneed...thank you for the great article was very helpfull...think she has an impacted crop...we gave her some olive oil..and hope for the best...I very much hope it is just a case of too much becomes so fond of their chickens..
thanks again..

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