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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ahgarland8, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. ahgarland8

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    Jan 27, 2015
    summerfield Fl
    I am looking for a super small incubator(6 eggs) Anyone know of a good brand? Place to buy? price? I want to show my children the process....but i already have ALOT of chickens!
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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Brinsea Mini is top of the line, pricey but worth it. Google Brinsea, they have a website. Have heard of Chickbator, but don't know how well it works, and can't remember who sells them, might try googling it too.
    I bought through, they have a good selection, but I didn't look at the small ones. Great people, good products and warranty that they actually do honor.
    Hope this helps! Good luck! :)
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  3. Sambi89

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    Mar 5, 2014
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    I did a ridiculous amount of research when I was looking into an incubator a few months ago. There are a few different small incubators on the market that do anywhere from 3-7 eggs at once. But when it comes down to it the reviews all went with the Brinsea's They are way more expensive but worth it not only for reliability but also for resale. They consistently got good reviews no matter where I went to look them up, whereas the other brands consistently got bad reviews for temperature and overall cheapness of the incubator. With the cheaper options most complained that after a few uses they didn't even work at all anymore. The Brinsea's are worth the money I ended up going with the larger octagon Brinsea and love it so far. I've heard and read really good things about the Mini's though as well.
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  4. I have two Brinsea Mini Advance incubators and they have never failed me.


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