Super sweet chickies!

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    So we have these new chicks. They are almost 2 weeks old. We have had them 3 days now. I have not seen any fighting or plucking or picking or any of that. Could it be that we picked out all hens (that would be awesome, but I doubt it lol).

    They cuddle and share food, but don't fight. Could it just be because they are EE?

    Editted to add: I think we have two different ages. So have some flight feathers out all the way and are quite a bit larger (3 of them). He had mixed clutches in the brooder, we thought we got the same ages, but I wonder if the two little ones, were jsut younger.
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    I've raised quite a few chickies and never really had much of a picking on kind of thing. My first batch of chicks I got were 6 BR 10 day olds. 5 ended up roos. I raised them together til they were about 10 weeks old before I started to find homes for the excess roos and never had a problem. I kept 2 of the roos and they are BFF they never fight. Once in a great while they kind of stare off but thats about it. I hope you have all girls. The roos if they are single comb by now will be getting bigger combs and getting pink the girls will stay beige color. The wattles will be starting to come in on the boys too. Just reread your post you said EE's they will have pea combs so harder to tell the roos.
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    My mother-in-law told me to look at the size of their beaks. Supposedly, the roos have larger broader beaks. I was able to identify my EE roos this way when they were itty bitty (could've just been lucky!). As a side note, one of my roos was the most passive and calm chick of them all. So, there's really no telling. Really, waiting for the cockadoodledoo is the only reliable way! [​IMG]

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