Superior Farms-- True Bantams???

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    I'm considering getting some chicks from Superior farms because their birds are SQ, but I noticed they don't have true bantams. I'm looking for good quality Silkies, Modern games, and other true bantams, but it seems Superior simply does not have these. Am I missing something? Any thoughts?
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    If they don't have them, they don't have them.

    This is what they do have in Bantam:

    *S.C. Silver Leghorn
    *S.C. Light Brown Leghorn
    *R.C. Light Brown Leghorn
    *S.C. Dark Brown Leghorn
    *R.C. Dark Brown Leghorn
    S.C. White Leghorn
    R.C. White Leghorn
    *S.C. Ancona
    New Hampshire Red
    S.C. Rhode Island Red
    R.C. Rhode Island Red
    Buff Orpington
    Black Orpington
    *White Orpington
    *Blue Orpington
    Barred Plymouth Rock
    *Buff Plymouth Rock
    *Columbian Plymouth Rock
    Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock
    *White Plymouth Rock
    *Partridge Plymouth Rock
    *B.B. Red Phoenix
    *Black Wyandotte
    *Silver Laced Wyandotte
    *Golden Laced Wyandotte
    *Buff Wyandotte
    *White Wyandotte
    Partridge Wyandotte
    *Black Hamburg
    *Silver Spangled Hamburg
    White Cornish
    *Black Sumatra
    *Buff Brahma
    Dark Brahma
    *Light Brahma
    Black Langshan
    *White Langshan
    *Blue Langshan
    *White Face Black Spanish
    *White Crested Black Polish
    *White Crested Blue Polish
    *Bearded White Polish

    ETA: I found it interesting that they say everything is Show Quality...

    And that the least expensive of their day old chicks are the Delawares at $4 and the most expensive are the Black Breasted Malay at $10.
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    It seems too good to be true. They have many things I have never seen before, and SQ to boot. They have LF Moderns, which is weird because bantam moderns are far more well-known. This place is somewhat suspicious, if you ask me.
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    Danny Padget ( Superior Farms ) was the guy who brought up my Buff Trio to the Ohio Show for Terry, Did you see the size of his trailer? WoW Stuffed full of birds. I could live in it. He has alot of birds. I heard a few years ago he had better quality across the board. I think he MAY have too much on his plate to do any breed right, if you are looking for an Exhibition quality bird. On the other hand I had heard someone say recently, that his quality in some breed that I do not care for was very good. I would ask to see pics. IF he does not have enough time, be patient and ask to meet up with him at a show. He gets around. And I am sure you can get some young birds where you can see them in person. That personally is the best way to go. Then you know what your getting. And usually breeders do not sell junk at shows. USUALLY!!! Not always....

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