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    So I'm trying to figure up a relative cost per egg... don't get me started on how irritated I am with friends who think I'm just going to "give" them eggs. That's another topic.

    I know what I pay for feed and scratch. I have 10 standard pullets right now. plus 2 possible others who it's too early to tell, and I'm going to take a stab at my banties, who are still teeny, and guess 7 (roughly half of my straight run) of them are pullets as well.

    What I need to know is, approximately how much oyster shell am I looking at supplementing them with once they start laying.

    Also, I haven't gone through too much grit yet, it's too big for my babies, but if anyone could take a stab at that too, I would appreciate it muchly.

    Thanks in advance.. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I go through maybe a bag each of oyster shell and grit per year - they don't eat much of it, but they do free range, so maybe that's the difference. They get calcium from other stuff, also, when they freerange and grit, well, it's just little rough rocks [​IMG] so they find those everywhere.

    When I have a lot of babies (chicks and ducks and geese) in summer, I might go through two bags of grit, but that is only if they are stuck in the coop/run and not out freeranging themselves. This last summer I turned out 100+ 3 week old chicks (from the brooder coop) to freerange. They loved it - they grew faster and were healthier than the chicks I kept in before. (of course, they went inside at night, they just got to go out during the day, and it was hot outside and so much nicer than inside the too hot coop).

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