Supplemental heat and molting

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    My hens, Buff Orpingtons which are a year and a half old, are halfway into their winter molt. It is supposed to turn cold this week with temps falling into the low teens at night. They have lost a lot of their down feathers. I have a flat panel heater installed on the wall near where they roost. Last year I only turned it on when temps fell below zero. Should I turn it on with the low teen temps because they are molting? Opinions, experience, anyone???? This is my first molt experience. I have four hens. Thanks for any advice.
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    Unless they are totally naked and if your coop isn't to drafty I would suggest leaving it off. They will do alright in the teens. The cold temperatures will prompt them to hurry up with the replacement feathers. If you do feel you have to turn in on keep it to the minimum to avoid then getting used to it.
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    Ditto Den in Penn.

    I would suggest giving them some additional animal protein to help them grow those feathers faster.

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