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    Apr 12, 2011
    I got a phone call a week ago from the local hertiage town to ask if I was still interested in chicks [​IMG] !!! I was sooo excited! OGM!! STILL INTERESTED [​IMG] ?!?!?! I've been dying for this call, looking for chicks all over the place and now I FINALLY get the call! WHooo hooo! [​IMG] Oh yeah! I'm getting 8 Chanteclers and 8 Barred PR [​IMG]

    <deep breath> ok, I'm better... for now lol. Anyhow, yesterday I drove to our "local" (read here 1.5 hrs away) Poultry store. I picked up some chick starter feed, a waterer (well just the little "lid" part that uses a mason jar as container) a little feeding tray, heat lamp, heat light bulbs, pine shavings, germ off or something like that, basically adds to the water to get rid of bacteria and that's it I think... I have a very large rubbermaid bin that I will be using as a brooder. They will be kept in the safety of the laundry room since I have 2 parrots in the living room I can't keep the chicks there with them... Is it Sunday yet?!?!

    Am I forgetting anything??? Well other than breathing that is.

    ETA: Do most of you feed your chick(en)s medicated feed? My chicks won't be vaccinated like I had hoped they would be and I'm not too keen on feeding them medicated feed.
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