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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by gracejr, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Any supplies I'll need that I'm forgetting? We'll be getting the birds as coop-ready pullets 8-9 weeks or older.

    Feeder & Waterer - homemade, perhaps?
    DE (Does TSC have this?)
    Shavings (Doing DLM)
    Feed for laying hens - Purnia Layena or Blue Seal maybe?

    This seems like an awfully short list! Am I forgetting anything? We'll have 6-8 pullets, maybe a rooster. Should I use something else in the nest boxes, or will shavings work fine there?

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    You can certainly make your own feeder and waterer; Google it or do a search here.

    I'd buy a bag of grower or flock raiser and let them get closer to 20 weeks before I started layer feed.

    I've never seen DE at TSC, but they keep StallDri or similar products, which usually have some DE plus other stuff, good for odors, mustiness, sometimes flies. I won't buy DE (see below.) I keep pelletized lime (agricultural but no dust) and a shaker can of Sevin 5% garden dust. Cheaper and more effective. The lime I've had for nearly 2 years, I think a 40 lb. bag that cost around $10. You only need a couple of handfuls to cut odor, moisture, control flies, and only when your nose says it's time. I sprinkle a little Sevin around, lightly, every month or two. Helps control flies and I've never seen lice/mites on the birds.

    Grit, yes, around $8 at TSC; I'd get the smaller size the first time.

    Good luck!
  3. Here are a few *extra* things you might want to add. :)

    1. a "Pecker Recker" block, this has a bunch of goodies in it such a seeds, oatmeal and grit. Helps entertain my girls. Approx: $7.50

    2. "Nutri grow" poultry liquid. For putting in water, boosts immunity, gives vitamins and overall health. All different sizes of bottles, I buy the 6 oz.... approx $7

    3. Wazine wormer liquid... cant remember price lol

    4: 10% permethrin liquid, good to have on hand incase of a mites/lice problem 18 oz bottle $20

    5: Dust bath materials! Ash, sand, and dirt make a good combo.

    I'm sure you will find all sorts of chicken supplies and goodies at your feed store. I go in mine so much it's ridiculous!

    Hope this helps!

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    I feed my pullets Happy Hens dried mealworms as a treat every day. It gives them much needed protein as well as they've come to expect it at 5 pm everyday! I also give some type of greens every morning.
    Happy Hens Sunflower treats are good too!
    Mine are on Purina Start n Grow until 18-20 weeks when I'll switch to Purina Layena feed.
    Unlimited water too, which I change twice a day.
    I offer Poultry grit in a cup all the time.
    Pine shavings work best with DE sprinkled underneath , works very well for flies/Oder.
    And I use Wazine wormer followed 10 days later by Safeguard wormer. Many posts on here about dosages/ect..
    I'm vaccinating mine for Mereks and fowl pox too.
    That's all I can thnk of! Good luck with your hens!! :)

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