Supposed to be a girl, but is it a roo?

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Jan 13, 2008
I have one chick (2 1/2) weeks who is different from the rest, and I'm wondering if she (he?) might be a roo. (They were supposed to all be females, from My Pet Chicken.) Since day one this chick has been the most aggressive, though not bullying, just running toward everything that enters the brooder to peck it (even when the others run away). The chick is of the smaller breed (Delaware) than the others (Orps & Australorps), but is the most vocal, energetic, and forward toward me. Has also earned the nickname Alcatraz, as she/he has figured out how to regularly fly out of the cage when I open it, something that no one else has done. Seems hell-bent on getting out, though more for the sake of being out in front than anything else. Thoughts? Can you tell a roo by behavior as a young chick?
I don't think you can tell by behavior at that young age. Can you post some pics? There are lots of members who have had many different breeds of chicks who might be able to identify the gender for you.
Is it ever possible to tell by behavior at a young age? I have one 2 week old chick that seems so rooish in his behavior I'd be boggled if it was a hen.
I hope your delaware is a hen, and is just exibiting a different personality. I look forward to seeing more replies to this post.
It's hard to say at this age. I am raising two production red pullets for a friend and one acts just like yours. She/he is always trying to jump out and is the first to the door to see what I'm doing. Very curious and nosey and pushy. She is a little taller then the other production red that was hatched on the same day. She was sexed a pullet though. So I just hope she's the one that decided she was highest in the pecking order already and the most aggressive about getting out.

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