Supposedly rare chicken??

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  1. DJ deejay

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Ok, so here's the scoop (btw, Hi! Nice to meet you!) so my dad supposedly just got a very rare breed of chicken. The lady said that there are only 5 of these in the U.S. and my dad has two of them. Red dominique hen and rooster. So, I have to ask some questions about this...

    1) Are these really rare?

    2) How would he best breed these to continue the line if they are (the hen is the rooster's mother and I am not into interbreeding, really, but I understand that sometimes it is a necessary evil)

    3) The rooster has some crooked toes. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a genetic defect or if it could have been caused by bad diet and/or slippery ground in the brooder box.

    So... what should I do? Anyone have any good answers?

    Pictures below:
    and the hen

    Thanks for your time!
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  2. v.cyr

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    cool looking birds, none the less
  3. scratch'n'peck

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    I can't speak to whether they are rare or not, but I can say they are mighty attractive looking. I hope someone responds who knows something about the breed.
  4. RhodeRunner

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    Upon googleing Red Dominiques, I found
    Dominiques are rather rare, but I never heard of any other colors besides Barred and White. But, that doesn't mean they don't (or didn't exist). Hopefully, someone with more knowledge will reply.

    Inbreeding is fine, as long as you cull correctly. You may be interested in

    As for your boys messed up toes, that usually comes from improper humidity during incubation. Occasionally, it also comes from lacking the proper vitamins/minerals. I would give the hatching a try, and if you have chicks with crocked toes cull them.

    Considering probability, it is much more likely you have two mutts then Red Dominiques. If I was the breeder of such a rare bird (or project), the only person(s) that would be getting them, would be aware and dedicated to the project.
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  5. DJ deejay

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    Mar 18, 2012
    Thank you for the information RhodeRunner! Yeah, he did get them in Georgia (which is coincidentally where that post was from).

    And thank you for the inbreeding information, it will come in handy I think.

    I figured that the toes didn't look like they were shaped abnormally so much as placed oddly and I hoped it was mishandling on the breeder's part.

    And as for the giving only to someone with dedicated knowledge... yeah I have to sadly agree with you. The only explanation I can come up with is that the rooster wasn't considered breeding stock because of his feet and the hen was old (they don't expect her to be fertile much longer). I hope to remain optimistic...

    If anyone else has any information please feel free to contact me, I'd love to heard anything (even if it is bad news) anyone knows about this "rare" breed of chicken
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  6. sdmrn

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    Jan 6, 2013
    Your rooster looks identical to mine. He came free from the hatchery to keep warm the cochins I ordered. He is the most gentle bird, and he is HUGE! Mine is most likely a mixed breed of unknown origin.

    Enjoy your rooster he is beautiful.
  7. ramirezframing

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    I have herd of the red doms. not many of them but more than 5 are around. I know there are some posts on byc about them so look them on in the search area here. Lots of people get rid of 2 to 3 year old birds thinking that they are done. My dad has a roo that will be 11 yrs old this summer and is still doing his job. I have had hens lay fertilized eggs at 10 yrs old, now I didn't get alot of eggs from them but still got some. Good luck with your project. [​IMG]

    ETA does the hen have a single comb?? if so you would not breed any offspring that comes off with a single comb into your project. You can also increase your genetics by using a reg. dom hen with the rooster or taking offspring from these two to a reg dom rooster
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  8. popsicle

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  9. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    they look like crele colored birds...
  10. The Chickeneer

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    The guy on that thread does have pics of chickens that look like yours. Im no expert in the dominique breed, but yours look like the rare breed you described. Theres probably more than 5 in the US. The roosters do look crele in color.

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