Supreme Emu Got More Emus!!

Supreme Emu

9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
All is excitement here. I seem to be inheriting five new emus!!

Some time ago, I noted that a mob of chicks (one-year old) turned up at the house-clearing. Well, the mystery is solved: it was Eric the Emu, the father of my three birds. Yesterday, he turned up again, with the same five chicks, and they started eating the wheat on the ground. My emus are still at loggerheads with Eric himself, but the chicks are their siblings (Do emus understand this?), and my emus let them eat wheat – nine emus for the dawn feeding!!

So, once again we have the pitter patter of prehistoric avian feet at the farmhouse; and I'm gonna go on Oprah this week, to appeal for emu-wheat funding.

Supreme Emu

Rocky Gully, Western Australia
LOL...... just wait until next year, double the emu chicks to feed...... I see a wheat Silo in your future......

My males are just starting to try and make nests, chickens keep stealing all their materials though..... they are making their grunting sounds and it sounds like stalling chain saws in my yard.
Hi, Pidgey, you'd best ask the guys on your continent about this one. My raison d'etre at BYC is that I have an abundance of emus: my three tame emus live smack in the middle of Normal Emu World, so my females won't lack company.

I would love to learn over the years whether or not being tame has any impact on their mating habits. I wonder if their attraction to wheat (a really good food for a wild emu 'cause it's much more nutritious than a wheelbarrow load of grass) will cause them to hang around the farmhouse when they might be skinny out in the bush raising families. I do see that my emus are pretty fat and sleek compared to the wild ones.

Supreme Emu, Rocky Gully, Western Australia
Hi, V Comb. So, I'm not the only aussie here!

I looked high and low in the Internet for people who are interested in emus, and I found them in abundance: I found people who will sell you emu eggs, emu oil, emu jerky, emu feathers, plastic-coated emu giblets, etc. etc. All these modes of Emu Appreciation involved the demisement of the emus in question. Eventually, I stumbled upon BYC, which – albeit being based on another continent – seems to be the only group willing to exchange information about emus. Now, as yet, I have little to contribute 'cause I'm New to Emus; but I still seem to be the only BYC person with wild emus in their backyard (though I'm sure I remember emus wandering the streets of Brisbane in the late 70's . . . ).

Supreme Emu, Rocky Gully, W.A.
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