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  1. jemagsy

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    Mar 8, 2008
    This is really long and winding but bare with me there's a moral at the end of the story. [​IMG]

    Okay, well, I first started surfing these boards around 7 months ago when I first started talking to my husband about getting some chickens. Gradually it spread around my extended family that I really wanted some egg-layers. My uncle who "raises" eggs gave us one 25 week old white leg-horn as a wedding present/gag gift. (They weren't too sure I was serious). However, I was estatic about getting my first fresh eggs and we named her Lucy Clare.

    We brought her home and let her free range with another chicken we semi inherited. The other one, an unknown breed, was the last survivor of a group of chickens my recently-deceased uncle had been raising for meat I think. We started calling her Betty Lou. Anyways about a month & half ago I made my first post when Lucy was attacked by a stray/wild animal that led to her death a day later. My husband and I were heart-broken, but decided we loved chicken raising so we ordered 6 more hens from MPC in the middle of March & received them April 2. We continued caring for Betty giving her laying feed & fresh water every day since she had gotten used to being cared for again.

    Now the surprise find of my story. Our six brooder-babies are kept in the barn and we were out there checking on them when my dad, who was taking the trash to his truck to haul it down the end of our dirt road, called us over. Right at the end of the truck (I honestly don't know how he didn't run over it) was a nest with 7 eggs. At first we thought our Luce might have been hiding them from us and we had just found them... however, upon closer inspection I realized they were beige colored. Betty, at least 4 years old, had laid a nest full of eggs. We took them inside & did the water test. All sinkers.

    I've been walking around the house grinning all night long. I never expected a four year old hen (who crowed for two straight weeks two days after we got the brooder babies) would lay ONE egg, let alone seven in enough time for them all to be good.

    Have you guys ever heard of this happening? Do you think she will continue laying?

    Even if she doesn't I couldn't imagine being any happier about this... it really makes up for all the pain and hard work we've been doing since losing our Lucy Clare. I just had to share!

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    That is a sweet story! Thanks for sharing! Good job Betty!!!
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    We rescued a red star we named Butterscotch. She didn't lay at all at first but after a month or more of pampering she laid her first egg for us, and has been our most faithful layer ever since. Congrats on your wonderful find!!
  4. MissPrissy

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    Aren't chickens a fun and surprising creature! If she free ranges there may be eggs all over your place hidden (or rodents or other things could have eaten them). It is not unusual for a 4 yr old chicken to lay eggs. Chickens can lay eggs for years but they do slow down a good bit until they may give you eggs very sporadically.

    Enjoy your hen and your chicks! [​IMG]
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    Sounds like you found a treasure. Keep following the arrows. [​IMG]

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