sure she is blind

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    Sep 11, 2009
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    I have a six month old Araucana chick who about two months ago contracted conjunctivitis. Several other chicks caught it also and got better about a week later. She has had it now for two months and im sure it has blinded her. She has been seen by the vet twice and we have tried three kinds of meds. Teramyacin, triple antibiotic opthamolic ointment and Tylan. Nothing worked. The question now is ... do I [​IMG]

    Put her back into population as she is completly healthy otherwise.
    Cull her. [​IMG]
    Place her as a handicaped bird into a bantam coop where she is protected. [​IMG]
    Find her a new home as a pet because she is ever so sweet and loves to be held and petted. [​IMG]

    I just dont know what to do. I dont like the idea of culling her because she is otherwise healthy and sweet and should soon begin laying beautiful blue eggs. [​IMG]

    What do you think is the right option?

    Please everyone answer so i can feel out the right way to go. [​IMG]
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    I would keep her in the bantam coop, and possibly try and integrate her - but I would keep her
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    I would keep her, but in a bantam or nurse pen where she can be safer. I have a D'Uccle with a bum leg, and she stays in a safe pen but gets around really well. Just make sure your chicken knows where the food & water is, and don't re-arrange anything in the pen so she doesn't get confused. Watch out for bullying, even in the bantam pen. I just think after you invested so much time on her, it would be a shame to cull her. She might be a good broody, you never know.
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    She might very well surprise you with how well she manages even if she is blind. I have a hen that appears to have some vision problem, she can't peck off the ground worth a darn, and is not good at getting on roosts, but she is fairly high up the pecking order and a really sweet bird. Some others have had chickens that are blinf--Gritsar has one named Lil Bit that seems to do okay. I would put her back with the flock, a smaller flock might be better, and watch carefully to see how she does. Make sure she knows where the feed and water is, and check her often for weight and bullying. If she proves to be more work than you want, I am sure you can find a home for her--try the BYC buy/sell forum. If she has a nice personality, it is worth the little extra effort for her.

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