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Just wanted everyone to know that our local Lowe's has Surefire LED G2 & P6 flashlights.

Hey Silkiechick......... What do you think of those models for candeling? They didn't have the G6.

I bought the G2 b/c it was less expensive than the P6. It seems to do pretty good, but want to know if I'm missing out on a better model.
I think that the G2 and P6 are the same in terms of light output. The construction (and price) is what differs.
Thanks! I did notice that the light output was the same, but didn't know why the price was almost $20 more for the P6. The price is definitely different.

OK, what about the G6?????? Anybody know?
The G2 and 6p should have the same output of like 60 runtime lumens on the stock bulb and 120 lumens on a LED upgrade if it is upgradeable. The 6p has more aftermarket things, and a metal body, which is why I have the 6p myself.

I got a LED upgrade for the 6p so the batteries run longer. I recommend getting the rechargeable batteries as they will burn though batteries. I saw them at lowes, the G2 that is, but cringed because it was like 25 more than it was online. What was it's cost where you are? Online it was only like 36 something. Guess you didn't have to pay for shipping though.

Here's that old link to the set up on post 6 in case you didn't see it or for others who are interested.
Hey Silkie ....

Surefire don't seem to publish light output figures for the LED models.

I was wondering what the LEDs were like for candeling brown eggs. I figured the 60 lumen incandescent would be fine, as it's 4x more light than my Maglight ... but would rather have the LED version if the light is bright enough.
You need to compare Lumens. A standard Mini Mag light only puts out 15 Lumens. I picked up a Streamlight at our local range for $35, and it's 110 lumens. A lot of the cheaper Surefires I've seen are only 60-65 lumens.

Also, I taped a piece of scrap material, about 2" wide X 3 or 4" long, around the top of the light, and it sticks over approx 1/2", that way, it blocks the light excaping from the edges of the light when up against an egg. It candles a lot better that way.
Hey Silkie, it was more expensive than online. I bought the Surefire G2 LED that produces 80 lumens & included the lithium batteries for $64.97.
It's expensive, but I was in a bind and didn't want to have to track it down online and wait for shipping. When I was there I couldn't remember what kind or how many lumens needed for candling.

LoneCowboy....WOW!!!! Great deal and much higher lumens than mine. So it's a Steamlight. Great idea on rigging the metal to streamline the light.
My SO has like 3 streamlights, I think one is a strion, but has switched to the surefires for some reason... from which he has now like 3... Streamlights are pretty good lights but I think the primary reason for change was for robustness and clarity/evenness in beam quality at a distance... but I don't remember...which really doesn't matter when we are putting them up to eggs. LOL

Sometimes the lumen thing can be misleading from company to company depending on if they measure max lumens or run time lumens. Even the color of light and quality/style of reflector can make a difference too. I've been told that for lumen comparisons, you kind of have to go by within companies. I haven't used a streamlight for candling but I am sure they would do just as well as a surefire with a 110 lumen output.

I'm not sure what the lumens are for the LED I have is.... but to me it looks brighter than the stock bulb. I do use rechargeable batteries and have the flashlight in a little baggie so I can make sure the light is concentrated onto the egg when candling.

EDIT: On the lithiums... You're going to wear that out in a few weeks if you use the light like I do. I'd go get those rechargeables asap.
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Thanks Silkie! I'll go get the rechargeable batteries. I just wanted to see if I was missing out on a better model or not. I just wasn't sure the differences between the G2, P6, & G6.

Mine says Max output: 80 lumens and runtime 12 hrs.

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