Not me - but had a good buddy who did. He turned out fine and you couldn't possibly be a bigger baby than him!!

Although, I shouldn't talk about being a baby. I had my tonsils out as an adult and was crying as they put me under! lol.

I'm sure you'll do very well. Don't worry.
I had several friends who have that type of surgery and all did very well. All had a bit of post op bleeding and one had tooth pain. Apparently a molar was impacted or infected and the surgery aggravated the area. Although none of them said they'd have that kind of surgery again, all of them were glad they had the surgery performed.
I had my septum shaved to fix the deviation. I did not have polyps. It was very squashed though, so he had to shave off so much that it now vibrates like tissue paper when I sneeze. I feel like a kazoo.

It was not a big deal. The back of your front teeth will seem numb or 'buzzing' for , well let me think ..I did this ten years ago. Yours might not be still buzzing ten years later, mine was extreme.
The up side is that you will feel like someone turned the air conditioner on inside your head. I never knew what it was like to have air rush into my sinuses.
It is so worth doing!
Good luck with it, it is not so bad, and you get to breath right away.
Thank u ,i need some relief,my asthma flares up cause of this,always head pain,stuffy on and on.I heard getting toncils out as an adult is very painful,i still have mine and they r huge.

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