Surprise Assortment of 9+ Bantam hatching eggs, Auction ends Sunday 9PM CST

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    You will get some of each of the following breeds, as laid by the hens: Buff Sebrights, White Bearded Silkies, Blue, Black and Splash Bearded Silkies, Red or Buff (non bearded hens in this pen only), BBS Cochins, and Frizzle x Silkie. These are all pretty birds, and when people come to visit, these are the ones the kids like best. If you don't have a lot of room and want to keep your feed bills down, bantams are a great choice. The cochins and the silkies make terrific broodies if you like to raise your own chicks and don't have an incubator.
    This is an auction formatted listing, please do not PM to buy, just bid by replying to this thread. As always, I cannot guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs, but fertility is tested regularly here and we have good ratios of hens to roosters. Our silkies are penned by color. Each egg is bubble wrapped and packed carefully to ship ASAP after the end of the auction. Happy hatching!
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