Surprise gift! I'm totally stumped, what breed do I have?


Jul 16, 2016

I cannot tell what breed this beautiful bird is. She (i think) is mostly black with some white streaking around her neck. She is very stately with dark eyes.

Since being known as new chicken enthusiasts, yesterday we were gifted four new birds. The owners had no idea what birds they had! We got a salmon faverolle, a speckled sussex and a silver laced wyandotte.
The silver laced wyandotte is showing her fluffy butt behind mystery girl in picture 2.

Any ideas? THANK YOU
Oh thank you Gray Farms! I've never heard of Asian Blacks but lots of the features seem to match the little info I can find.
thanks summerb123, its looking like you guys are right! I'm very interested to learn more about these asian blacks as more and more grow up

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