Surprise in the coop!


7 Years
Jun 25, 2014
Yesterday I went to my coop as I usually do to feed my chickens and was shocked to hear baby chick noises so I looked around and found one getting cold in their waterer,found 3 others under their momma and another 3 still in the egg about to hatch!6 babies hatched in my coop without my knowledge and Yesterday was spent getting chores and a place for them set up and be cared for,now each baby is hatched and semi-dry and ready to be introduced to you all.All are so far healthy and happy and Momma Sunny is already caring for them well!Say hello to First-time momma Sunny and her accidental babies!
Nov 1, 2020
Southern Missouri
Oh I know how you feel about losing baby chicks
But don't worry just give momma some time to adjust she went from being alone to having 7 little fur balls all over her.
She will get used to it and will get better.
We had a buff orpington sit on 12 eggs, 11 hatched.
Even though it was her first time she did amazingly well. She sadly passed away when the chicks were just 7 weeks old. That was last year.

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