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    Apr 10, 2010
    Got about 3 eggs last week - than nothing... thought it was maybe cause I don't have their coop and nest boxes set up yet - been watching the area I found the others and nothing... I've been glancing over the yard and even in the dog's house (it's in the coop for him during the day) and nothing... then last night - went out to check on the babies... and looked around - found over a dozen eggs in the dog house - they must have been covering them with straw cause I sure didnt see them on Tuesday when I looked - and I only have 4 hens ... 2 for sure laying - thinking the other 2 also now... Then I found about 5 eggs in a hole in the corner of the yard - but they had been laid where they had been broken by rocks in that area.

    WOW - had a big ol pot of spaghetti carbonara with some of those beautiful eggs... yummmmmmmmmmm

    had some for breakfast too

    now heres a question... I think I have a bantam chick in the yard ... she's way smaller - and had one egg that was very small... are the yolks of these eggs very small - or big for the size of the egg? I plan to cook them for my 3 year old - she thinks the chickens laid baby eggs just for her!

    Looks like this next weekend will be dedicated to making sure the nest box is ready - and that the dog house is repurposed as a nesting box - and that the dog has another place to sleep...
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    Apr 26, 2010
    stuart florida
    wow lucky you I might look around my yard a little more, I have 1 pullet using the nest box but maybe 1 or both of the others is hiding eggs on me.

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