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    well my Dad had a surprise last night, so did my Boyfriend. and then me...

    I got a call from my bf, saying he wanted to kill my chickens (he loves them too... most of the time....)
    Dad had called him earlier saying "We have a problem John"

    apparently one of my chickens, that i got as a chick this spring.
    was found by one of the mexican workers and has chicks. just recently hatched. the hen is a speckled sussex.
    so there were 15 chicks (and 3 eggs remaining) when they moved the hen into a chicken tractor. i doubt the eggs are going to hatch cos she is attending to the brood now, guess they were unlucky/bad/forgotten.
    one chick got crushed during the night.
    13 all have chipmunk striping, and one black chick.

    I am impressed she sat on 18 eggs and had all but 3 hatch.

    this mornings temperature was about 25-29. i am surprised they tried hatching this time of year. i told my bf to sweep the area and throw out any eggs he finds. been telling him to do this, cos i knew this might happen. i am glad this breed was such a good momma.
    so yeah, suddenly have 14 chicks to have my parents and bf, take care of.

    i am amazed about the hatch rate considering my natural hatch failure this spring. (13 eggs, 3 chicks after 29 days under hen) or other hens i had naturally hatching, killed the chicks as they hatched.... so in the spring i had a bad hatch rate.... but in the fall... go figure.

    so, Surprise!
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    Dec 6, 2009
    I would buy that Sussex off of you!!
  3. ReiMiraa

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    nahh. i want to get more speckled sussex'a now. and a roo. although i want to intentionally cross breed them with my brahmas. i think that would be a cool combination.
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Speckles Sussex are really good moms. My Bertha won the top spot here on BYC for her length of Brooding as she was still sitting on her chicks right up to 18 weeks!!!!!
    Even now when there are treats given Bertha still throws hers on the ground for the chicks who are sooo grown up now.

    I think these are the best birds and they are big girls so it doesn;t suprise me one bit yours sat 18 eggs. Bertha was on 15 but we took some away to the incubator they didn;t hatch and only 4 chicks survived out of the 6 left under Bertha. I wish we left them with her!!! Here she is with her babies. [​IMG]


    Here she is and you can see they are big girls!!!! Plently of feathering and fat to brood chicks!!!! [​IMG]


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