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    Aug 22, 2010
    Today is day 18 and I have basically put the incubator in lock down, turned of the cradle rocker, but I have 2 chicks that decided to come early. Being half deaf I haven't heard any peeping, I just happend to look over at the incubator and saw the two hatched chicks. Right now they are in the bator, resting and cheeping. I still don't hear them, but I can see the motion. I presume I can take the chicks out and put them in a bin for a brooder in the bathroom. Good thing DH is visiting family this week. I won't have him fussing because the chicks are in the house. The brooder cage I use in the garage needs cleaning and the wind break sides put on it. It is warm enough that during the day I probably won't need the heat light, but I want them stable before exposing them to the heat. It is amazing. Oh what do people use to mark the heads of the chicks, somehow I doubt it is bingo dabbers.
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    I have had that happen before, totally unexpected.
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    Congrats. I used a drop of food coloring on the head to mark mine.
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    If you have one of the small styrofoam bators, when you remove the chicks you will quickly lower the humidity. I've read on this forum people mentioning they spray water in the bator if they have to open it during lockdown.
  5. greenSearcher

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    Aug 22, 2010
    At just under 24 hours since my first hatched yesterday, I have just 4 out of 20 left in the incubator, all are pipped, so I expect to have the last of the chicks by afternoon. Could hear them peeping w/ the hearing aids if I held the egg close to my ear. Anyway, the other 16 chicks are under the light and in a little while I will get a jar waterer since the temporary brooder isn't big enough for the gallon waterer I usually use in the babies cage.

    I presume things are going well. [​IMG]

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