Survival Odds for Stressed Keets with Pasty Butt?

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    So, now of the 23 keets that arrived last Monday, 11 are left, and 6 have pasty butt. The one that died this afternoon had it as well. I am sure he was one I cleaned it off of last night, but I can't be sure.

    So after this death I caught each one and checked. I've read everything I can on pasty butt, they've had grogel, vitamin water, they medicated feed. It doesn't seem to to be too hot or cold, the chicks in the brooder right next to them are fine. Of course, the chicks weren't hatched early 3 days early, shipped over the weekend to sit somewhere for for 24 plus hours, arrived with 6 dead and the rest piled on top of each other.

    I can't believe that a hatchery should really expect not to be responsible beyond 48 hours for the disaster they sent out that day.

    Do these 6 sick keets have a chance at all? Or am I really just in a waiting game for each one to die randomly now?

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    Poor babies!

    Temperature is the most common issue with pasty bottoms - be sure the brooder is warm enough, and that they have an area they can go to get away from the heat if they get too hot.

    Although in this case, it may have been an issue with the incubation process that caused weak chicks.

    I'd call the company/hatchery and complain. Most will still make good if you have this sort of problem.

    Good luck with the survivors!!

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