'Survive'... {A Survival Roleplay}

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    Dec 14, 2012
    This is a roleplay where you have to 'Survive'!!, the Elements, the Wildlife, and Society. It will take place in the USA. We will start in Virginia (cause that's where I live) but once the Roleplay grows, it will spread to other states.

    So, just as an example:

    Florida has Hurricanes, California has Droughts, Virginia has lots of civilization (I just used VA for this because its where we're starting)


    - I'm the starter of this roleplay. What I say goes. I'm not going to boss you around, just kinda start the story.
    - No impossible things your person can do. Example: Staying outside during a hurricane, or swimming in a flood.
    - No fighting.
    - No extreme violence or vulgar behavior.

    (This is the info for your character)


    Also, you need to list whether you want to live on the in cities or in more rural areas.

    So, lets get this roleplay started!!!

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