surviving hen not pooping ??

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    Jun 27, 2016
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    Hello all!

    I am a first time chicken mom here. My flock is doing quite well despite one duckling having a bum toe that's been handled.

    I agreed to take a new chicken last night. She's the lone survivor of a combo coon and dog attack that massacred the rest of her flock. She seems vet traumatized as I'd imagine, but otherwise stable, she's rough looking and feeling pretty sore I'd say. But she willingly drank up some water with electrolytes and sugar last night and perked up. Today shes been chirping away today, but does not appear to be interested in eating. She also has not pooped at all since I got her last night at 7pm.

    She is missing all her bum feathers but the skin is intact there. I'm sure it's painful, but is this normal? I'd expect her to be passing regularly still. But maybe I'm wrong?

    I did give her some metacam about an hour ago to help with the pain. she also got soaked in an Epsom salt bath this morning to try to help, but still nothing.

    Is there hope for her?

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