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My Coop
[COLOR=008080]Surviving Minnesota![/COLOR] Welcome to Minnesota. Where you hope your hens and roosters grow extra fluff, and you hope your wood pile is high enough. Starting a Thread to share all things Minnesotan. Hacks to making poultry keeping easier and efficient in our Great State. Show off birds and their beautiful coops, because I think Minnesota and her neighbors make some pretty nice buildings for their Poultry. We can talk TURKEYS, CHICKENS, DUCKS, GEESE, ROADRUNNERS, TOADS (mutts). Birds from Breeders, Hatchery or Barnyard crosses. Whatever you want. What did your chickens do today? We want to know. Did they not lay one egg? Fill us In. Did you get a Triple Yolker? Yah Sure. Go ahead and give us the proof. We enjoy Minnesota Traditions that involve getting off the couch. So share your Minnesota Life with us on this page. Hunting & Fishing Reports. Feel free to Share secret Lake WishUKnew. :D Gardening, Arts & Crafts, Ice Skating, Skiing, snowmobiling, ATVing. Ride your bike around Lake Calhoun? That's fine too. Be prepared to talk about the weather. After all that's what we do best. :highfive: If you are escaping to a Sunny locale share with us. Who's taking the chickens? Be prepared to take your share of flack from those staying in the snow drifts. If you have a great Lefsa recipe, you've found the right thread. Chicken and Dumplings? Better yet. Lutefisk?...well it didn't kill Grandpa I guess. Go Ahead. :sick Here are the rules: * We are engulfed with politics on TV right now. Let's leave them there. If you need to Politic: FoxNews, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS will give you your fix. Please also read BYC's rules and TOS waaaaaayyyy at the bottom of the page. * Hot Topics for Minnesotans are predation, global warming, organic vs. non-organic. Try to be well studied/versed before you shout something out and be respectful and humble if you disagree. Agree to Disagree.'s gonna happen. * GET OUT YOUR CAMERAS! The beautiful thing about BYC is you can learn to build a coop, get to know hardy breeds of Poultry and see creations like feeders, waterers, brooders, etc. through pictures. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. *Ask questions if you're new. We'll give you our best humble opinion. *Put on your Fat Pants, pull on your cozy slippers, sit down by the wood stove or fireplace with your mug of warm refreshments. Get comfortable. Pull Out the Laptop & Be Witty. We'll be having fun on here.
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Apr 6, 2014
Chickens in MN either have lots of fluff or go to extremes to stay warm... Such has sleeping on a cat...



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