Suspecting skunk stalking my girls and boys


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Sep 12, 2008
Last night while I was "patroling" the perimeter looking for varmints I caught the scent of a skunk and heard an unusual chittering noise that moved away from me as I approached it's direction. Anybody have any idea what skunks sound like ? I want to nip this problem in the bud before it becomes serious to get rid of.



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Jan 7, 2008
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We didnt hear our skunk, he was very silent and not smelly, but we have lost 43 birds over the summer to mysterious "disappearances" and finally SAW the skunk when we set up lights and caught sight of it. We set a trap and caught one. One skunk down, no more losses since. Dont let it stay, they can and will kill, repeatedly, and they dig. Skunks can collapse their ribs into a tiny space and enter small holes also, you would be surprised, and they DO eat chickens, not just eggs.
I have read other posts of animals that have a stench not unlike a skunk also, those posts may be helpful to browse, they may have sound included?? Sorry Im not of much help. We just got ours on Tuesday morning.


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Jan 2, 2008
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I hate skunks more than anything. We've had multiple skunks skulking around here, and no kills yet, but we did have to make our run and coop into Fort Knox. Take it seriously. I'll let others give the hunting and trapping advice, far better than I could.

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Aug 20, 2008
This is going to sound funny I'am sure. They make a sound like whooooo in a long stutterd fashion.

You might do a search on animal sounds on the internet .Skunk?

I'am sure you find something. Good Luck!


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Apr 21, 2008
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Skunks usually do not make noise, they also will not kill a chicken- although if one is dead, they will eat it. Usually they are looking for a ground nest of eggs, grain and well, drink of water if you have it! lol.
I find that dried blood (dehydrated sterile) is a great fertilizer, but skunks do not care for it. Skunks are generally ones to live under the hen house and deter a few other animals such as dogs, coyotes, racoons and people. Generally if you keep picked up, food/compost a ways away from you, then very little concern.
We have one right now that I caught once in a live trap, got a bit of a spray (Lever 2000 removes skunk smell from us humans- clothing is not salvageable), just toss a old fabric over the cage, remove him or let him go. This particular skunk knows me, he was eating grain from the hen house when I went to close them in, I stepped back, he stepped out and went about his business.
Once they realize you are no threat to them, you can talk to them with no problems they will move on. But just keep in mind about Rabies- FYI.

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