Suspicions of stinky rotten egg in broody nest-Took it inside to candle...there was nothing....Start

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    I feel terrible. TERRIBLE.

    The broody was off the nest today, so i went and checked on her eggs. Her eggs are doing great, but 2, had me worried ever since i noticed dark muck and stink in the eggs.

    You see, due to the rain, her eggs exploded over these two eggs, she got a new batch, but i also left her with the two that got exploded over. I thought they were ok, and i just wanted to make sure that i could give them a chance if they were still alive. But they stunk.

    A week later (which happens to be today), i candled the same two eggs (the others are all good) and they looked exactly the same as they were last week. A rotten smell, dark muck, detached air sack...i couldn't risk anything. I started to open the top of one of the eggs, where the air bag is, and it was rotten with a deceased chick. Ok, so if this egg looked exactly like the second egg, the second egg should be rotten too, right?


    I started to peck away at the other egg, where the air sack was. It didn't look dead...surely its dead....i continued to chip some off egg away to be sure...I SAW RED INTACT veins. I saw a little beak nudging away at the air sack. IT WAS ALIVE.
    Its missing alot of shell, but the airsack has not been broken. I feel so bad, but had to get rid of the "Dead rotten egg" for the safety of my broody's eggs. What else was i to do? Leave the egg in the nest, what if it was dead? It would kill all the other eggs if it exploded.

    I've put the egg in the bator', its too delicate to put back in the broodies nest. What am i to do now? I just feel horrible! How am i too cover up such a big hole?

    Man, i should of just left the is due to hatch soon.. :(

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    When's the hatch date? You may be able to make this work. Make sure the humidity in the incubator is high to keep it from drying out. If you've exposed a lot of the membrane over the air cell you may want to cover it with neosporin to both keep it moist and keep bacteria out.

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