Sussex chicks


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
I've got 1 thats already getting longer tail feathers, is this a sign of being a little boy? here's a picture you can clearly see the 1 has a tail and the others are still fuzzy butts. They all hatched the same day.

Just means it's faster maturing. Thick legs and larger combs are a better indicator.

What's odd about tails is this year growing out a cockerel I noted the hens tails developed faster than his did though he was the largest and had nice comb starting with massive legs.
ok thanks, i just figured since it was the only one out of 5 with atual tail feathers it might be a clearer indicator than the combs since they are only 2.5 weeks old.
If they were all from the same pairing, it could be meaningful. I've always heard that the cockerels tended to be slower to feather, though, so that would not be good news for your hatch

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