Sussex Hen 2 days in egg box


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Aug 22, 2016
My sussex hen has been in the egg box of the coop for several days, and no egg. I am not sure if she is egg bound or just sitting on the fake egg. I took her out and set on the ground and my other hens attacked her immediately. I stopped that right away. I put her on a raised board and cleaned the coop. She did go over to the spot where I put the scratch grains and ate some while I cleaned. She then ran immediately back to the coop and went into the egg box. Should I be worried? I had picked her up again and felt just below the breast and could feel something, but not sure if it was an egg.

She hasn't consitently laid eggs everyday since winter ended. I know she has laid several days ago. I should also mention she puffs her feathers out and makes noise when you open the egg box.

Thanks for any input.
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jolly wattles

Apr 27, 2017
West Tennessee
Depends. She could stay broody for weeks. Or you can try to break her by putting her in a elevated dog kennel a few days. Or give her fertilized eggs to hatch. She will lay in the box whether there is eggs, no eggs or fake eggs.

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