Sussex hen ??


Nov 15, 2020
Hello, I think I have one sussex rooster and one sussex hen, but. When my rooster is mounting a hen ( red) the sussex hen runs at him. Today it looked like she ( ?) was trying to mount under him. Strange ? Only he crows , and mounts ( alot )..
Can you post a picture of the questionable bird ?
How do I post pictures ?
The one closest is the rooster, The other in the background with the taller comb is the hen ?
Thank you. Since the one Wyandotte rooster seems to have taken over. I guess I am going to find new home for the other Wyandotte and 3 RI roosters tomorrow. Na keep Lucifer, that is the name we gave the crowing Wyandotte rooster with the short comb.
Colombian Wyandotte.
One looks to have a rose comb, and they both have yellow skin.

As long as you know they're not pure Sussex.
Big Wyandotte... Could be a cross Columbian Wyandotte and light Sussex. Or is it possible to get a Sussex with a rose comb??
Another thing is they have yellow legs... Sussex should have white legs not yellow, other than that they are definitely Sussex shape

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