sussex, partridge rock or?

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10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
I feel bad always asking never answering! I guess in time. I have a better pic of one of the chicks in question, its not a great pic but maybe good enough.

Thank you guys, I have two of these.
Well, they don't look like my SS chicks, especially around the is one of mine and all 4 have the exact same coloring including that definite chipmunk head stripe.

Hope this helps! I don't have any partridge rocks.


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I've had both the dark headed and light headed chipmunk in Partridge Rocks so that's a definite possibility. That looks very much like some of my PRs when they were little.

I think Sussex have more random specklies.

But I havent seen any baby sussex.
Awww such a cute baby, but now I am really time I should know anyway I thought maybe someone would have one just like it from MM. It really makes no difference, they are all cute sweet and lay lots of eggs.
If the OP's photo is correct in leg color - yellow, then they're partridge rocks. Usually the ones I get that color feather in fast and grow like weeds. The darker ones go slower.

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