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    Oct 15, 2012
    Looking for light, silver or coronation eggs or rooster.
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    Hi Matilda! [​IMG]
    There is a National Breed Club for Sussex. The American Sussex Association (website) . As well as several good threads on the breed here at BYC. Look for Lights that are winning at the shows. For best foundation stock, look for these colors that have Not been crossed amongst themselves. It will make life a lot easier for you to breed to type ( all important in Sussex) if you don't have to worry about off-colored birds because someone was crossing the colors. Here's a classic book on the breed I really enjoyed reading:
    The Sussex fowl (1920)
    Author: Sharpe, S. C
    And sometimes one is not only crossing color genes but gene alleles as well. For instance, Light Sussex is eWh based. Silver Sussex is ER Birchen based. So crossing them complicates things beyond just color consdierations. I know you haven't even mentioned wanting to cross any colors. Just thoght I would mention this in passing.
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    karen in western PA, USA

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