Svart Hona vs Ayam Cemani


Apr 27, 2020
Central California
Alright...I have done a lot of research on all of the black breeds(breeds that are just black feathered and the various breeds that are black inside and out) and I was excited at the prospect of, down the line, getting the various breeds. I have, currently, Black Ameraucana, Black Penedesenca(two one month olds and more in the incubator), Sumatra, and what I was told were Ayam Cemani and just chalked their flaws up to being the Greenfire farm line flaws I have heard so much about...Until today. I have been watching my female for months(a bit over three months old now) and was getting more and more confused by her comb. Her comb was not a Cemani pullet's comb. Both cockerels and pullets have distinctive combs, from everything I've seen online at least. Sumatra are very different in that the combs of hens and roos are low to the head and I thought it was pretty cool, considering I would have two all black breeds that would still be distinctively different. However, this pullet had that low comb that I already knew she shouldn't have as a Cemani. So today, I finally did some research again, because it finally got to me too much. What I found what actually super exciting to me because it isn't just her comb that is not a Cemani's. All three of my roos are the same(not same as her, but same breed)...I compared for a good while, then I looked up Greenfire Farms' description of their Svart Hona line. Their claim is that "Some claim to see differences between *them*" but that "the external differences are subtle and if they exist at all can only be discerned by a highly trained eye." My best guess is that they have inexperienced people in their hatchery that cant tell what breed is what and they're mixing them up. I posted months ago that I was worried about my "Cemani" because they were panting and I didn't understand why. My Ameraucana weren't and the temperature for them was correct, but while Cemani are not particularly cold tolerant, Svart Hona are. Meaning that when it was a good, warm temperature for the Cemani I thought I had, it was not a good temperature for the breed they actually were. No one really talks about the breeds on here, so I kinda wanted to share what I have found, at least through research...

The photos I am adding are my pullet, a screenshot of a Svart Hona hen, and a photo of an Ayam Cemani hen.
You may be right as they only have the svart hona breed listed now. Seems they’ve done away with the Ayam Cemani breed. I actually prefer this breed because I don’t care for the games body and these lay more eggs.

My older girl has also laid consistently, even through winter, almost every day...To my knowledge, Cemani do not pay that well and their eggs are extremely light/white...Mine all lay cream to light brownish...I could always be wrong, but it just doesn't add up to me
Svart Hona also isn't as strict on the white toes and feathers as chicks, so long as it doesn't stay...I believe the mulberry combs/waddles aren't an issue with them either...I'm sure they had a few too many upset people at those issues because they are flaws in Ayam Cemani, so I can easily see the reason for eliminating them for purchase options

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