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    Mar 26, 2011
    SW Missouri (Crane)
    I'm interested in any kind of heritage turkey breeds We just lost our blue slate gobbler last night, reasons unknown. He was a healthy and pretty tame 1 1/2 yr old bird. Now we just have his 2 hens and looking for replacement. We got a really great deal on the trio from the Amish in Seymour. But thats a long drive and no certainty of them even being home with no way to contact them. And as far as chickens go anything really. We have mostly ameracaunas. I like to buy in quanity (pullets and hens mostly) not trios or pairs. I do not want to purchase chicks( t much hasle) What chicks we have we hatch ourselves and seldom buy. And would like to get into guineas haven't had any of them. I will not buy over priced birds. I have been buying and selling for awhile and know good prices and bad ones. Example: A trio of 8 month old bourbon reds for $135.00./ Barred rocks 8 one year old hens, four 3 1/2 yr old hens, 2 roosters $180.00. I mean unless these birds lay golden eggs I am not interested. I enjoy our chickens and turkeys but I would not try and sell overpriced flock. I would like to see in person or pics before I buy. I am willing to drive distances to obtain good birds. You may contact me thru this site and i will contact you back. thanks J. Guess

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