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    Yup, a swan RP.

    Be nice!
    No fatally injuring or killing another persons character without permission
    No perfect characters. If I feel your being 'perfect' or close, or simply being a jerk (I'm OK with jerk swans but if you specifically picking on someone, then I draw the line) you will be asked to leave or get a warning.
    When fighting, only 1 blow per post.
    Have fun!
    You may have 4 'extra' (ducks, fxes, etc. not swans) species.

    Some Tips [​IMG]
    When swans mate, they mate for life
    Only swans of the same species can mate, however, other species can breed however the cygnets will be unable to have more cygnets.
    A baby swan is a cygnet.
    Cygnets take a long time to grow up, roughly a year.
    Swans are not breeding age until 3. They might build a nest at year 1 to 2.
    We live on a 10 acre pond.... each swan, pair or not, claims roughly 1-2 acres on it... They are some smaller, 1 - 5 acre ponds scattered around.
    Swans live roughly 20 years on this thread.It varies per species but 20 is the general..
    1 month = 1 year. 1 day = 5 hours. 1 week = a month or so.

    Pond area:

    [​IMG]The 10 acre farm... for 'Pond Area', simply put at what section your at / who you're by
    [​IMG]A smaller pond close to the large one...
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    i'll join but not right now, i'll join tomorrow if I have time to fill out a form
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    Hi Cochin
  4. Name: Onana
    Breed: Mute
    Age: 3
    Mate: None
    Crush: None
    Foes: She dislikes Mariam... a lot.
    Pond area: She guards 1 acre of it near the largest bushel of trees.
    Cygnets: None
    History: She was raised as someones pet but escaped. They treated her well but she wanted a more wild home.
    Personality: Shes pretty sweet, yet shy. She doesn't talk much, but if she dislikes someone, they know it.
    Other: None

    Name: Mariam
    Breed: Trumpeter
    Age: 10
    Mate: Darek
    Crush: Darek..
    Foes: None, really.
    Pond area: She and Darek take up 3 acres of the pond towards the more grassy area.
    Cygnets: She currently sitting on eggs however she has had many clutches
    History: She was breeding for a scientist person who was trying to up trumpeter swan populations and she and Darek simply left.
    Personality: Shes nice to just abot anyone but VERY protective of her cygnets and nest. Shes OK with other swans on her territory but will kill anything else (geese, ducks, etc.) and will attack swans too close to her nest. Shes the eldest of the swans, and is kinda known as 'the mother swan', she was first here and has always welcomed anyone.

    Name: Darek
    Breed: Trumpeter Swan
    Age: 11
    Mate: Mariam
    Crush: Mariam
    Foes: Just about any other male....
    Pond area: Same as Mariam
    Cygnets: Hes fathered quite a few
    History: Same as Mariam
    Personality: He can be temperemental and often cruises his territory, chasing off other waterfowl
    Other: [​IMG]

    Name: Pep
    Breed: Australian Black
    Age: 2
    Mate: None
    Crush: None, theres a lot of cute swans around, but she has better things
    Foes: Anyone who challenges her or makes a fool of her
    Pond area: She doesn't have a pond... She often is found in other territories but cannot claim one due to her young age.
    Cygnets: None
    History: Nothing interesting.
    Personality: She can speak her mind, however only does it in spurts of bravery. She knows shes small and young, and hates to fight, she prefers to just say under the radar
    Other: [​IMG]

    Name: Jacen
    Breed: Black Necked
    Age: 4
    Mate: None
    Crush: He kinda likes Onana, but isn't ready to have another mate
    Foes: None, for now
    Pond area: He shares a territory next to Onana's, yet when shes not looking he often eats on her spot
    Cygnets: He sired some with a mate but sadly she was hunted
    History: He only stays here during the summer in his yearly migration, but one year during his migration his mate was killed.
    Personality: He is pretty laid back, often is seen amongst humans. He is often bullied by others.
    Other: [​IMG]

    Name: Jake
    Breed: Arctic Fox
    Age: 3 years
    Mate: None
    Crush: None
    Foes: Anything he can't eat
    Pond area: He lives just about everywhere, the entire pond is considered part of his territory
    History: His mom took in his 'sister', Keiko, when she found her starving to death. Jake and Keiko have a strong bond.
    Personality: Hes caring, sweet, he really tries hard to look out for his sister and often envies her climbing ability.
    Other: [​IMG]

    Name: Keiko
    Breed: Gray Fox
    Age: 3
    Mate: None
    Crush: None
    Foes: Other foxes
    Pond area: Same as Jakes, they share
    History: She was picked up by a little boy when they were in the woods, and he tried to take care of me but he couldn't, so he just left in the woods to die. Luckily she was found by Jake's mom and was revived.
    Personality: Shes pretty sweet but is kinda known as 'the bad girl'. She always gets herself into trouble, and often likes to cause havoc to other canines.
    Other: [​IMG]

    Name: Siella
    Breed:Northern Spotted Owl
    Age: 3 year
    Mate: None
    Crush: None
    Foes: None, really, other then humans
    Pond area: Everywhere she wants
    Cygnets: She thinks they're mighty tasty
    History: She has lived here all her life, and has dominated the entire place, even though often picked on for being white
    Personality: Shes sweet but cunning
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  5. MARTY!! :D :D
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    Name: Sophia
    Breed: whistling swan or tundra swan.
    Age: 3 years
    Mate: none
    Crush: none
    Foes: none
    Pond area: a small pond and a small area of forrest around it
    Cygnets: none
    History: she was supposed to be part of a breeding program but escaped and decided to live alone in the wild.
    Personality: kind, sweet, irritable, snappy.
    Other: is looking for a good mate and wants to have some cygnets some day.
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    Sep 22, 2012
    Can I join? I might miss a little because I run an RP too.
    Name: Midnight
    Breed: Black Swan
    Age: 5
    Mate: None
    Crush:Onana (but would never tell)
    Foes: None yet
    Pond area: small pond
    Cygnets: none
    History: Blown to the pond by a storm
    Personality: Nice most of the time, but can be tempurmental
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  8. { Both accepted }
    { Dang, I should've made a Australian black swan.... hmmm... lol }
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    i would like to join, but i have to leave for now... i should be back with charries! i reserve the lefthand side to the back of the 10 acre pond, the part with bushes. and i would like to make my own pond, when i get back online :)
  10. CayugaLover

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    oh, and i reserve a coscoroba, bewick's, whooper, and tundra. :) i like those breeds. i like black ones even better, but there's already a black one. :) i will be back! (unless my laptop crashes again :p)

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