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    Going to look at some ISA browns a neighbor is getting rid of. Theyre 18 months old and advertised as healthy. Is there anything i should be looking for as a warning sign before i bring a few of them home?
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    At the time of inspection check for external parasites, poor body condition, any swelling in the face, discharge from any part of the bird, poor feather condition, poor leg/feet condition, etc.
    Do you have existing birds you are worried about protecting? If so, the key to protecting your flock, though, will be to do a proper quarantine even if they appear healthy at inspection -- this means keeping the new birds away from your birds for at least 30 days -- they need to be 100 yards+ away (and don't allow your flock to range if it means they can wander over) and you need to practice good bio-security during the quarantine. If anyone is carrying illness that is not showing symptoms at the time of purchase the 30 days gives time for symptoms to appear before they infect your flock and the stress of being moved can often prompt anything they are carrying to flare up.

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