swaping wheat bran, for fast cooked oats?

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    I have this wonderful healthy muffin I make.. but I'm out wheat bran, can I just use quick oats but soak them longer? The recipe I have has you soak wheat bran in milk/ wet ingretiants. I think to soften it up.. Think it will work if I just trade the two? Was gonna make muffins for breckfast tomorow.. And now can't cause I got no wheat bran [​IMG] I know muffins for brecky is useually really bad, but I think these ones are fairly healthy.

    Thank-you for your help
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    Ok, Everyone I tried it and it works [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the update. Now I will know what to do, should I run into the same problem. I bet it made just as good but just a little different in a good way.
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    I meant to reply earlier but failed to.
    Wheat germ is part of the wheat grain. (Germ, endosperm and bran).
    Oats would be the whole grain.
    Quick oats is just regular oats that have been cut thinner before being rolled.

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