Swaps in MA/NH/VT this weekend?

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Boston, MA
    Hello everyone!

    I finally got my coop cat-proofed this morning, so I can finally fill out my flock some more! Are there any swaps going on this weekend in New England? I'm willing to hold out until the Congress in Jan, but I'm worried about my kids being a little cold in the meantime - they need a bit more body heat in there! [​IMG]

    I think there's a swap the first weekend in Jan, so I may just need to wait until then at least.

    Alternatively, does anyone have any of the following for sale within an hour or so of Boston? I can come pick them up on Saturday if you do.

    My wish list (show quality preferred though not required):
    bantam cochin hens
    belgian bearded d'uccle hens or roos (not mille fleur color)
    bantam or standard ameraucana/easter egger hens
    bantam australorp or bantam wyandotte hens

    Happy holidays!


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