sweaters for chickens :)

No insult, but if the chickens don't have their feathers, wouldn't that make the whole plucking job a little easier?
not from that charity, they're not sold to be eaten (and I believe they do check)

my 3 chickens are exbats, they've been here for a year. They were supposed to be past their best, yet they've kept laying all through winter, never had a day with no eggs and most days we get 3.

Plucking may be easier if you think they'd be worth eating but I think it's awful that they're allowed to get into that state in the first place. Fortunately Korma and Masala have grown all their feathers back now and Balti just has a very short tail (but that might just be a her thing not a plucked thing!)
one of ours had a fleece vest to keep her warm but she quickly got too big for it when she was settled and her feathers grew back

the knitting pattern is here http://littlehenrescue.co.uk/jumpers.aspx
think our knitting needles are different sizes to yours in america though)
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