swedish flower and speckled sussex

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  1. kefiren

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    my goal to have a flock of speckled chickens that lay brown eggs. i have raised speckled sussex in the past and like their personality. i've also been really interested in the developments concerning the swedes.

    well, i know i haven't much luck at hatching shipped eggs. i ordered a dozen of each. what i got was 3 sussex and one swede.

    it has been interesting raising them right next to each other. don't know if anyone else has done this.

    the swede had a bit of trouble at first with curled toes. that fixed itself within 24 hours. and then he began to grow fast, far outpacing the growth of the sussex. he also has a much wilder/active personality, compared to the laid-back sussex. at one point he was twice as big as the smallest of the sussex. he began to crow a few weeks ago, at 5 WEEKS OLD. he has no crest but looks like he might look like this:


    so, should i put the swede roo over my sussex hens? do these breeds have anything to offer each other? what will happen color-wise? do their speckled genes "line up" so that the babies will be speckled? will the variable colors of the swede get overidden?

    thanks for any opinions, info, and guesses--educated and otherwise!
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  2. Qwatra

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    Oct 28, 2013
    Spokane, Washington
    I am very interested in this! Has anyone crossed Swedish Flowers and Speckled Sussex?
  3. egodfrey1991

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    May 30, 2018
    Any update on this? I currently have two swedish flower hens and a speckled sussex roo, so I was pondering this cross.
  4. Mikaela2016

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    Feb 17, 2019
    Update? I have two speckled Sussex hens that I've been trying to find a roo for. I cannot seem to find any ss roos but I do have an opportunity to get a swedish flower roo and contemplating the crossing of the two.

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