Swedish flower hen chicken hatching eggs--Free priority mail shipping included to lower 48 states

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    Swedish flower hen hatching eggs for sale.. Priority mail included in the price to lower 48 states. we use 4" foam egg shipper
    * Swedish flower hen hatching eggs: $ $30/half dozen
    --After heavily culling undesirable traits, we have 2 beautiful roosters to cover 8 gorgeous hens with nice flowering feathers just as their name in Swdish Blommehöns--the bloom hens. All our roosters are uncrested and half of our hens are crested, the other half not. This breeding match is important as the hatching and surviving rates will be significantly reduced if both roosters and hens are crested.

    * Our hobby farm is Pullorum-Typhoid Certified.
    PM for paypal payment. Eggs will be no more than 3 days old when shipping.
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