Swedish Flower hen chicks


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Sep 23, 2013
Anyone know where I can order for spring Swedish flower hen chicks? I tried ordering them from Ourflybabies.com but they took my money and never sent me my chicks. I reported them to the BBB. Green fire is so expensive, anyone know a reasonably priced breeder? Thanks !
We ordered some from greenfire farms and they came in perfect shape i recommend them .
My wife won a bid on ebay for Swedish Flower Hen eggs and out of the 12, 3 hatched (1 male/2 hens). On the other hand, she won a bid for a dozen Gold-laced Orppingtons and none of those hatched.

Good luck.
I just ordered ten eggs from a breeder in OK, through ebay. The hatch rate usually isn't good for shipped eggs, but if only two of them hatch, it's cheaper than GFF, and I don't have to be on a waiting list to get them. The seller shipped twelve eggs and they all arrived intact. Most of them still had the air cells perfectly intact, so I'm hopeful.

As for ordering chicks, I haven't found anywhere except ourflybabies.com. I was actually planning on ordering from them. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Good. Please post results. I'm contemplating trying to get more Goldlaced Orpingtons this way.
By the Spring there should be plenty of breeders selling SFH chicks. Check Craigslist in your area. In my area, SFH regurally sell for $10 a chick.

I also recommend GFF. I bought close to 80 chicks from them this year. Highly recommended.
Good. Please post results. I'm contemplating trying to get more Goldlaced Orpingtons this way.
I have received seven egg shipments in the past month (going chicken-crazy). All orders have been very well-packed except for one. The not-so-good one would have been good if the seller had packed the shredded paper tighter around the bubble-wrapped eggs and marked the box "fragile". Two of those eggs were broken, but the seller included three extras so I'm not complaining. All other orders arrived without any cracked eggs. The air cells are usually wobbly.

I just received the best shipment ever from rarepoultry1938 (ebay). The eggs were so well-packed that they all arrived pointy-end down! Even with that great packing job the air cells are wobbly in 11 out of 13 eggs, but they could still all potentially be good. The box was clearly marked "FRAGILE - THIS SIDE UP" (with arrows pointing up) on all sides of the box. The USPS is responsible for the wobbly air cells. I have received one shipment where the air cells in most of the eggs were still perfectly intact, but I still say that this most recent arrival from rarepoultry1938 was the best just because of the time and care the seller put into the packaging. If you ever order American Bresse eggs, I highly recommend this seller.

I'll update when they start hatching.
I posted a comment on a Bresse egg order and you were asking about Swedish Flower Hen chicks. Sorry about that. I was excited because I had just opened the box. I still don't know where to get chicks, having so much fun with the eggs that I stopped looking for chicks!

Here's some more relevant info on my recent Swedish Flower Hen ebay purchases:

I ordered 10 SFH eggs from rognkat580 in Oklahoma. They shipped 12 eggs, very quickly, all very well packed. Most air cells were intact. That is great! Most of my other orders have had mostly wobbly air cells. I would recommend this seller to anyone. Check out this rooster they showed in the ad:

Best looking SFH rooster I have ever seen! I am really hoping for a good hatch!

My second SFH egg order was for 6 eggs from ereagan-us, of R-Fuzzy Butt Farm Oregon. I received 7 eggs. Out of my eight recent ebay egg orders THEY ARE MY FAVORITE SELLER! They have a good size flock for this rare breed and they are meticulous in the care of the eggs. Only 1-2 day old eggs are shipped, and even still they store them at 55 degrees before shipping. Eggs are not wrapped in plastic, so they can breathe. They were packaged so that they all arrived pointy-end down, which is very important. The box was so clearly marked that anyone could tell that it was a live package from thirty feet away. That means the package would be placed in the live cargo section of a plane for safe transport, if flown, and they probably did fly. They traveled 2,500 miles to get here and arrived in three days, in excellent condition! I'm not giving away any trade secrets here, so if you want to know how they package the eggs, you'll have to buy some!

They have crested and non-crested SFH. Here's a picture from the ad:

Again, I apologize for going on about eggs when you asked about chicks, but hatching your own may be the only way to get chicks this time of year. Temperatures are about as good as they get for shipping eggs right now. Good luck on the hunt!
I am looking for day old Sfh in spring 2014. I do not have the things needed to incubate or hatch eggs. Just items to raise day old chicks. I tried ourflybabies and they ripped me off and never answered my calls or emails. And green flower farm is way too expensive. Thanks for any feedback! Keep calm and Hatch on!

I just looked at rfuzzybuttpoultryfarm.com. That's the website for my favorite seller that I described above. They sell Swedish Flower Hen chicks for $10 each!

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