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Swedish Flower Hen eggs 12

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by ReiMiraa, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. This breed shares a common ancestor to the Icelandic's. Some look quite similar. They can be crested. In my 2 breeding trios that are mixed together I have Light brown & white pattern and the other color pattern is hmm.. milli fleur? (a mix of many colors).

    This breed seems to be performing the best in my climate. They have laid eggs large, pinkish. And unlike all the other eggs these haven't split open from freezing during the cold snap. They didnt seem to suffer frost bite as bad as the icelandics

    They have a friendly temperament and are quite social. Quite different from the Icelandics. I have noticed that this breed doesn't eat or drink as much as my other birds, so this is also a plus. They are medium sized light brown eggs.

    I will pack the eggs in a carton in a box full of packing peanuts. I like to use the USPS flat rate boxes. Shipping vary's on the box size.
    The hatch rate last summer was good.
    I sell chicks for $20 each.

    Square (Cash) is my preferred payment method. Check out their site, their app is great.
    I do not guarantee hatch of eggs shipped.

    note: it takes a few days to gather enough eggs. I have 4 laying hens. The photos are from the fall when they were in the tractor, now they are in a coop surrounded by snow.

    check out my flock on Facebook: Rachel's Hen House or on my BYC profile page.
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  2. One note. I will be on a family vacation jan 23-31
    When I return I can start incubating and saving eggs for shipping.
  3. Ok I'm back home now. Let me know when to start saving eggs for shipping
  4. ***UPDATE***

    Alright, the bad news (I will also post on my Rachel's Hen House on Facebook as well).
    Amazingly All birds survived while I was gone on my family vacation. Unfortunately, the person I had taking care of them did not listen to me when I said the Icelandics and Swedish stay locked in their pens.
    Tonight, (first time getting to see birds as i arrived late last night and worked early this morning), I saw my 2 swedish flower roosters, and a hen, in my icelandic pen.... and 2 icelandic roosters in my swedish pen....
    What does this mean?
    It means that I have to wait a month before I can sell "pure" Icelandic and Swedish eggs. Now if there is a market for this very rare cross. I could sell IceXSwed eggs. I have re-arrainged the roosters into their proper pens.

    I apologize to anyone who had February hatch hopes.
    Luckily, I own only one breed of duck. The Cayugas are still pure.

    Trust me I am very bummed about this. I understand if everyone looks to other sources to fill their empty nest syndrome.
  5. just a heads up they are laying again this season 2014
  6. AKChickenchick

    AKChickenchick Hatching

    Aug 15, 2014
    Wasilla, Ak
    Still selling eggs?

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